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Articles | 2021

ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021, 4, 2, 1470–1482

Pristine Gellan Gum–Collagen Interpenetrating Network Hydrogels as Mechanically Enhanced Anti-inflammatory Biologic Wound Dressings for Burn Wound Therapy.

Jian Yao Ng, Xiao Zhu, Devika Mukherjee, Chi Zhang, Shiqi Hong, Yogesh Kumar, Rajeev Gokhale, and Pui Lai Rachel Ee

Book Chapter | 2021

Carbon Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications, 2021, Chapter 9

Carbon Nanomaterials for the Development of Biosensors for Microbe Detection and Diagnosis.

Nhan Dai Thien Tram, Xiao Zhu, Pui Lai Rachel Ee and Giorgia Pastorin

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