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Warm comments

Emily Han.jpg

Emily Han
Visiting Scientist
June-July 2022 

Thank you so much for having me this summer! It was an amazing experience, I learned so much about hydrogels and microbiology in just two months. I also loved learning from all the expertise in the lab and at NUS as a whole through all the fun events. Thank you for being extremely welcoming hosts as the internship was not only educational but fun as well. The hydrogel project seems really promising with a bunch of possible useful applications, so do keep me posted on where it ends up going! I'll keep an eye out for papers ;)

Here is a one sentence review of my experience this summer as requested during yesterday's meeting: "Working on 3D printing hydrogels to deliver AMPs and learning the associated techniques like microscopy, rheology, and microbiology has been so rewarding this summer — and it was made even more great by all the amazing, smart, and kind people of the lab!"

Emily completed her Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering at MIT in 2022. She was spending the summer doing a research internship on hydrogels with the Ee Research Group before returning to the US to begin her PhD in Bioengineering at UPenn in the fall.

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